TEFL Qualified!

A few weeks ago I completed a 120-hour Premier TEFL course with tefl.org.uk, meaning, I am now officially qualified to teach English abroad; a pretty scary thought as far as I’m concerned!!!

Sometime last summer, browsing through travel websites and blogs I came across the typical spiel of “How you can travel the world for free”; I skimmed through it quickly not really having much faith in the posts’ suggestions and I was about to hit the back button when I saw a few lines on “Teaching English Abroad”, with a raise of an eyebrow and a new found interest straight onto trusty Google I went to do some research of my own. With a click of a button Google had opened a door to a whole new world that I never knew existed. Feeling rather naive at my apparent ignorance I read on and discovered many organisations offering courses in TEFL qualifications, ranging from short 20-hour online courses, to class room sessions of various lengths and up to a 120-hour online course; the one I would later choose. Some companies even offered paid internships in places like Vietnam. With the dream to go travelling I decided that a TEFL course would be money well spent as a “just in case” investment. So, a few months later after some further research into the courses on offer I parted with my cash and started my online TEFL course.

Tefl.org.uk ran a great educational course with a decent section covering Grammar, for which, I had to delve so far back into my memory bank to remind myself of various aspects of the English language; past participles, present continuous, second conditional, the correct order of adjectives, etc., I’m still undecided if I was ever taught all of it at school, or I just didn’t know it had a proper name! The rest of the course covered lesson plans, which really, with a little bit of imagination, some common sense and a quiet room to think it through was fairly straight forward. I completed the course in 5 months, unhurried and in my own time and a few days later a shiny certificate arrived in the post as proof of my achievement 🙂

I really haven’t decided if I will use my new qualification or not, but I am glad that I spent the time and money on it and have it firmly under my belt, as it may just come in handy on my travels. Many positions advertised appear to be in large schools, in large Chinese or Korean cities (I can’t think of anything worse), but as a country girl through and through I’m on the the look out for that remote, small island village school in real need of a TEFL Teacher – now that I would jump at the chance of! Let’s face it, I’m not going to leave the daily grind here to join the treadmill some place else…


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