When Your Phone goes Kaput…

Last Wednesday my alarm failed to go off in the morning due to my phone dying in the night. Unfortunately I’m not talking about a flat battery, it was plugged in and meant to be charging all night; I’m talking about the phone being well and truly kaput. EE have whisked it off in an attempt to revive it. I have had many brands of phones in the past ranging from the trusty Nokia, to HTC, to Sony, back to Nokia and now to Samsung for the last few phones, but I have never had one that has just frozen and died like my Galaxy S7, which is all of 8 months old. EE promised me a loan phone; I was relieved that I’d only have one day without my life and social media at the tip of my fingers. However the loan phone has turned out to be so archaic that never mind not being touch screen, it is so old you can’t even connect it to WiFi. To top it off it appears that all my contacts must be stored on the SD memory card and not on my actual Sim so I actually have no phone numbers!

My morning ritual before even getting out of bed used to consist of checking the news, scanning Facebook for status’ my so called friends may have posted overnight which are probably hidden amongst the annoying adverts and hundreds of equally annoying shared stuff, a quick swipe through Instagram of pretty photos and to check the new likes, a browse of Pinterest notifications of new pins the App thinks I may be interested in (which just to insult me are often Wedding based, which couldn’t be less accurate if it tried), a swift trip down memory lane provided by TimeHop, a high-speed sign in to National Geographic’s YourShot to check my notifications, a brisk spin through Twitter, then on to my emails to delete the numerous spam mail that floods my inbox that I definitely never subscribed too and next on to WhatsApp to reply to whatever late messages came through last night from my actual friends. Oh and finally I read through the “Hormone Horoscope”, a scarily accurate App of how I will be feeling today based on my cycle. Are you exhausted after reading that?! I am and that’s before my day has even started! So by now I’m normally running late and it’s just as well I’m not required to look good at work or I’d be running really late!

I’m embarrassed to admit this (although I know I am not alone) that thanks to modern technology I check Facebook so many times in a day that I lose count, BUT I can count on one hand the number of times I see something worth seeing and I’d be lucky if I even reach a full hand count on that. Yet I still keep going back for more, is that what you call an addiction? So Social Media aside, my phone is my lifeline, I don’t have a handbag diary (although right now I wish I did) my calendar is in my phone, every appointment, every gym class, social meeting and even my horse’s important dates are in that calendar. So right now my little head is fit to burst trying to memorise every appointment that I really must not forget. I’m also an avid user of the memo section and have multiple lists and notes; my “to do” list, my “need to buy” list, my “do not forget” list, my “useful travel website” list, and many more lists that I do not care to share with you! I also am big into the App’s for my bank and credit cards, and yes I can reach these all very easily on a computer but not at the touch of my fingertips, which is what I have grown so very use to!

So day 1 and 2 without a fully singing and dancing phone was pretty damn stressful! Day 3 I resigned to the fact that there was nothing I could do about it and I was definitely too tight to fork out for a new phone to tide me over. Day 3, it was actually 11am by the time I signed in to Facebook on my work laptop; I survived and I hadn’t missed anything. On day 4, I actually I only checked Facebook once throughout the whole day and Day 5 was the same. I didn’t even bother checking my emails over the weekend and waited until Monday to delete and unsubscribe from the junk in one hit, I jotted this week’s diary fixtures down on a piece of paper to relieve my brain of the burden and realised that there was nothing that important on my “to do” list that I needed to create a new list just yet. I figured if someone needs to contact me they will eventually phone me when I still haven’t opened their WhatsApp message a week later and if I really, really need to contact someone I’ll just send them a message via Messanger.  On the plus, I can’t be tempted to randomly sign up to Tinder in the vain hope of finding Mr Right and I can definitely survive quite happily without the Apps that ruled my morning ritual.This Friday I am driving to Wiltshire to see a close friend, so with the lack of Google Maps on my phone I think I’ll go old school and actually print directions! There is always a way…

Am I looking forward to getting my sleek, rose gold coloured phone back that I can unashamedly get out in public?!

You bet I am, BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I no longer have FOMO (fear of missing out, a term I only learnt on Facebook!), my forced social media detox has been surprisingly very healthy for me and I will no longer let these little Apps’ rule my life. I am though very much looking forward to having that powerful little camera back at the tip of my fingers that the S7 possesses for those just in case magic moments!


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