Photos By The Bucket Load

One of the biggest highlights about travelling for me (apart from the obvious excitement and curiosity of exploring new places) is being able to capture those magical moments with a camera. You see something amazing, the picturesque landscape, the beautiful sunset, the stunning reflections in the lake, the impressive temple, and thus the list goes on! To capture that instance in a single frame is our only way of freezing that moment in time, because we’ll never get that second back again and many of us rarely visit the same place twice. That photo for us remains a lasting memory, something we can look back on time and time again. Sadly, we all know, as we get older and the years roll by our physical memory of events begin to fade and are harder to recollect; this is why photos are so precious.

During my recent trip to Budapest I was walking across Liberty Bridge when a young couple asked me to take a photo of them, “of course” I replied cheerily, only to be handed one of those old Kodak throw away cameras… my eyes widened and I felt a surge of panic rise inside of me for the pressure was suddenly on to capture THE perfect shot of them! Wow, I thought walking away, thank goodness times have changed! We are so lucky in this day and age to have digital cameras where we can take hundreds of photos to get that one good shot.

Therefore, thanks to modern technology, upon returning from my holiday to Slovenia I have spent countless evenings trawling through some 1000 plus photos, cutting, cropping, deleting and selecting the best shots. You see, this is when I need to announce that I am one of the few remaining humans that still get my photos printed and put into albums. I can blame or should I say thank my Mum for this. I now have 43 albums all dated and labeled and every photo written on the back, the date, place and who’s in it! My Mum is on album 65… that is an awful lot of cupboard space needed between us!

Lake Bohinj

Beautiful reflections in Lake Bohinj – Slovenia

When you have over 1000 photos to go through to decide which lucky 100 or even 200 photos make the privileged cut it is no quick or easy feat! I want my favourite photos, the quality photos and the photos that tell a story displayed in my albums, and yes, I know you can view these all on a computer, on a nice big screen, which is definitely the preferred way to show the aging Grandparents. But, I can promise you that there is no better way to look through your photos than to be curled up on the sofa with an album from some 8 years ago, slowly turning the pages, reminiscing and getting lost down memory lane.

When we live in world so engulfed in social media, where we share photos on Facebook and Instagram, (I am definitely no exception to this!) it’s actually quite lovely to have your best and most cherished photos presented in an album just for you!

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