Packing Dilemmas

I have a love hate relationship with packing… The ‘Love’ part of packing is the pure joy that I’m going on holiday and exploring a new destination; packing is just the first part of the adventure becoming real, what’s not to love?!

I’m afraid I haven’t yet mastered going away with just a cabin bag (not even for a city break!), I still consistently put a bag in the hold! It’s always “just in case”, or I “may just need that” and when you have a suitcase to fill you have the luxury of being able to do just that, but even then I seem to run out of space! Well I figure I have a year to practise and get ‘packing’ down to a fine art as next year I plan to go travelling, and when I say travelling I mean with a rucksack, yes that’s right I mean backpacking! OK… so yes I REALLY do need to get this packing malarkey sorted.

Right now though, I’m trying to pack for 5 days in Slovenia and yes I’ve paid extra to put a suitcase in the hold! Originally my friend and I decided that we’d share a suitcase between us, which gave us an ample 11kg each… but before long, a little discussion later and mutual persuasion we’d upped the baggage allowance to a suitcase each, that’s 23kg each. Plenty of space!!

OK wait, let me defend our decision… It’s soooo much harder to pack for somewhere cold, you need layers, layers mean extra weight, extra bulk so yes that means extra space required. And when you’re not entirely sure of what the weather will do, one needs to be prepared. Plus who knows what our plans of an evening will consist of, so I need to make sure I have suitable clothing to choose from! However I have accomplished one mission, I no longer pack any jewellery and only take what I wear; this was after an unfortunate incident when my suitcase was broken into coming back from Rome; luckily nothing was stolen as they must have been rumbled just in time. I’ll get there, one step at a time!

I’d like to point out that I did once, successfully manage to pack lightly; lightly enough that certain items of clothing required washing during shower time; on more than one occasion!

For now I must remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that I will conquer the packing challenge some day!


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